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The Cold is Not a Bad Thing!

hiking solitudeI’ve realized that maintaining an active outdoor regimen is actually more enjoyable as the temperature drops.


Most of the people I meet during the cooler days match my commitment to a healthy lifestyle: Proper eating, exercise, and proper work/life balance. The fair weather people that crowd the trails during the warm summer months are stapled to their couches watching college or pro football.

Please stay there!

The lack of people means the trails are quieter. When the trails are quiet, I have more opportunity to be alone with my thoughts. The few people I meet are eminently more respectful of my desire for solitude as it seems that they are also seeking the soul cleansing that fresh air provides.

So, if you see me on the trail, it is OK to say hello, but please, please don’t engage me in a discussion about the world’s problems. I am using my time in the woods as a vehicle to navigate my path around all the insanity