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This is a narrative that I wrote for a management team focused on engagement. Feedback is welcome!!

A positive attitude is an infections emotion as it exudes the confidence that anything can be accomplished if everybody is on the same page striving for a common goal. It also breeds a culture of inclusion that there is always enough room for one more person with a new idea that may simplify our lives. It also breeds a culture that the last thing anybody wants is to be excluded from a project that will help the organization succeed.

The first step is to determine what type of solution is actually is needed, not what is wanted. At times what is wanted is too narrowly focused with minimal impact across the entire enterprise. The solution is that is needed usually provides the widest possible benefit and highest return on investment, not only in money, but in productivity. Professional growth is a huge bonus.

Of course, everybody must care about solving a problem. The best way to show you care is to show professionalism. Professionalism means you will be punctual for scheduled events. You will actively participate. You will listen respectfully to dissenting ideas as other people’s ideas might be a better solution. To show professionalism is to show respect to your colleagues and staff.

This process will not be easy and at times seemingly impossible. However, teams that only operate with a positive attitude look at a seemingly impossible problem and say “Yeah, that is hard, almost impossible. But that only means that it will take a little longer to find the best solution!“. The challenge to find the best solution is as much a thrill as the finding the solution.

However, continually accepting difficult challenges in new areas means there will be the occasional mistake. While the number of mistakes needs to be minimized, few new developments were ever developed without the occasional mistake. Professionals that are focused on the positive see mistakes as a learning opportunity that contains vital information that can be used on the next solution attempt.

Lastly, even though we are highly skilled in mastering the complex world of technology, we must never forget that people that make the organization successful. A computer is capable of making our lives easier by automating repetitive tasks and granting us access to a wealth of information. However, the machine should never interfere with the free flow of ideas that personal contact promotes. Creativity is a human trait that a computer can only facilitate, not create!